Reggy Zhong

Over the past fifteen years, Reggie has changed how consumers physically experience brands, creating architecture that generates emotional responses and lasting engagement. Borne from an understanding of consumers, he creates spaces that seamlessly extend a brand’s strategy and narrative.

Lee Sheehan 

​​Hello! My name is Lee Sheehan, I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator & I'm doing Product Photography. I design logos, brochures, banners, book covers and everything in between. I have collaberated with many clients from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Manado, Perth, Melbourne, Ontario & Pennsylvania  to produce a good design work.

and this is my partners :

James Steven

James is a photographer who opened his Jakarta studio in 2013.  JMS PHOTOGRAPHY.

A LeeSheehan Partner since 2015, James enjoy capture human, especially for pre wedding and wedding reception. This scope also allows him to capture all the brand products for LeeSheehan artwork and portfolio.

Marcia Amanda


Marcia is an Interior Designer for over than 7 years. She began to open her studio in 2017.

'Our challenge is to find creative solutions that do not sacrifice commodities and aesthetics. All solutions that we have is to optimize the use of available space. Therefore, the problem of client / owner problem is an idea for us.'